You want the shortest 60 secs in your life?

September 17th, 2009 by

Then how about doing 10 * 800 at 7700ft (or roughly 2300m) altitude?!


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Topically, it’s my session of note tomorrow afternoon too. I ‘ve done it the past 2 Friday’s and have enjoyed it, in spite of that 60 seconds rest. My weeks have been structured around 3 runs that I aim to complete well – 6 * mile reps and a long hilly in addition to the 8s, and the other 3-4 runs are simply milage runs at whatever pace I feel up to on the given day – usually fairly pedestrian. It’s taking me in at around the high 60 miles/week, and this week I’ll probably push over 70. I’ve done higher distance weeks in the past (albiet the considerable past!) but for now I am happy to be stringing my 5th run week in a row together, before moving on to a bike dominated focus as October nears.