Where has the week gone?

May 13th, 2010 by

I’m not sure on this, but it seems only yesterday I was stressing about delay-edness in Florida. It wasn’t however, it was over a week ago. Time really does fly when you are having fun, although the cold tends to dull it oh so slightly …

Sunshine seems a distant memory in Stirling just now

I did however have a wry smile on reading Gav’s superb I love Aguilas blog post which reminded me that we had a sunny week down in Spain only last month. And in any case I will see the sun next week anyways.

Meanwhile, the week so far has been something along the lines of:

Monday – swim 4.5k aerobic, bike 2hrs with 30sec surges, 1 hour steady footing

Tuesday – swim 4k solid, bikr 3hrs with TT efforts, run grass intervals + the Stirling Tri evening swim

Wednesday – swim 5k long reps, ride 2hrs steady, run 2hrs

today – swim 4k solid (again!), run 1.5hrs and hitting the Falkirk APR this evening. It’s always a warm welcome from the cyclists. Yeah…

Tomorrow – more of the same groundhog training, which is going just like i would hope – I’m tired, but it is a ‘good’ tired.  A bit more sunshine wouldn’t go amiss – did I allude to that sentiment already perhaps??

The plan is to conitune pushing on for another week and then I am having a little break from the Shire in order to fly out to Los Angeles with Trek/K-Swiss to see the final 2 stages of the Tour of California. – More on that exiting wee development later next week!