Wattie goes long!

July 21st, 2010 by

Wattie from Wattie Ink has been helping me out with the sports management side of things so far this season (aswell as Lesley Paterson too), and although his work is very much triathlon … his passion has been bike racing. Well, not so this weekend!! Wattie is going long – Lake Pacid long!

Myself with Wattie in LA back in May

For someone who would ride, ride and ride some more, you have to take your hat off to him for his decision to jump headlong into entering an Ironman … not having done much (if any i think?!) tri before! – Why not give it a go huh?

He tells me that what with all this swimming and running he’s had to do in the Californian summer, “the weight is melting off me” – not really been the case for me here in the Shire Wattie!

A big good luck from me for this weekend. Enjoy 🙂