Ups n downs of my Christmas week

December 31st, 2008 by

I apologise for the tardiness of my blog post. I left Stellenbosch a week and two days ago, and have only just found some time to try and catch up since returning late Monday.  As the title suggests, there has been a lot happening in my world over the past 10 days; some lovely highs with fond memories, and unfortunately a sad low to counter them. Such is the rollercoaster of life I guess.

A week past Monday I packed up my little hire car and drove 500ks across the South West of South Africa to meet up with dad, who had taken Abbie, my little sis, out here for a special xmas present, and also to come and see me. They were staying in a pretty little seaside resort called Knysna, which sits along the famous Garden Route – famous for being, well, green and garden-ish I imagine. My auntie (dads elder sister) had also come since visiting Africa had always been something she wished to do. So I scrubbed a week of structured training and looked forward to spending time with family and doing some tourist stuff.

We visited the beach, they spent xmas day on a boat and playing with a rubber ring/tube behind a speedboat – I spent the morning in Knysna hospital checking I hadn’t broken my big toe but confirming that I was going to lose the toenail, and NOT on the boat 🙁  We hung out with the Knysna elephants at what must be the biggest petting zoo I can imagine, and we did an African Games Reserve drive to see some of the ‘big 5’. All lots of fun and exciting for Abbie who is the biggest animal fan. Some pics of these days …….

this little fella ate EVERYTHING!

I liked this photo a lot. - Abbie with 'wrinkly'

still bleeding 36hrs later.....

There were more....but one of his mates was struck by lightning!

However, as enjoyable as these days were, everything was put into perspective when we were called from home to be told that my granny and papa had both passed away early on Sunday morning in Elgin. We knew that they had become very poorly, but their conditions worsened considerably on Saturday. They were 86 and 88 years old. It is a very sad time, but we were comforted in the the knowledge that they went together, and without each other realising.

I will not be going home for the funeral, (Anne left Sunday evening and Dad and Abbie fly this afternoon) which was on the one hand a tough decision, but on the other I know granny especially would have wanted me to carry on preparing to race. On Monday I will be thinking of them both and will try to take the advice of this postcard I picked up recently……