TriAthy Olympic 2009

May 31st, 2009 by

It’s taken a while, but I was able to get back to winning ways and defend my 2008 title yesterday at the TriAthy Triathlon in Athy, Ireland. Despite there being plenty to improve upon, the result marks a positve step in the right direction for me as the season rolls on in earnest.

Gav and I pre race - we would've had a good tussle I am sure

The weekend away was a success and I am of course very pleased to have a win under my belt. It would’ve been better to have had a race with Gavin, as I think we certainly both hoped was going to happen. – Not to detract from Bryan and James who were chasing me, and chasing me hard, but Gav and I were at the front of the race and around 90secs in front of the rest of the race in the early stages of the bike.  When his front tyre exploded at 5K I was left with nothing but my shadow for company.

I continued to ride my Felt DA as quickly as I could, and due to the out and back design of the course I was able to keep an eye on those behind. Onto the run I had a time split given to me at around 2 minutes. Given the way my running has been going over the last few months I am still in no way confident with my form and I figured I was going to need most, if not all of those one hundred and twenty-odd seconds to fend off the guys hot-tailing it behind. Thankfully I felt reasonably strong throughout the 2 lap affair (and not like someone wearing lead-lined boots as in my previous runs off the bike recently in the US) and crossed the line with just over a minute of my buffer remaining.

We spent the remainder of the weekend in the company of Bobby Behan, who is a good good friend of Gav’s – I first met Bobby whilst I was staying in Stellenbosch during the winter, which is where Boddy now lives, but he is very much Irish. Indeed his family live less than an hour drive from Athy, and so after the race we packed up all our gear into his car and drove back to stay with him last night.

We had a barrel of laughs (or rather I certainly did listening to all the ‘craic’) over a nice meal and a few ciders, which was a great way to finish off the day.

However, without question the best part of staying at Bobbys was the family dog, Ali. As Gavin very aptly described him; “just think of a small black bear”. Brilliant! – Here he is wondering what on earth is happening whilst we packed up our bikes this morning.

Prowling around and deciding what all the fuss was about……

….. and deciding that my bike bag was a good place to hang out!!

Finally – he and Gav doing making their ode to the Specialized brand in the Irish sunshine (Gav suggests I am the ‘brownest man in Scotland’, so is it fair for me to suggest he is in the running for the ‘whitest man in Ireland’ award?):

Full results for the TriAthy event can be found here.

The race was a superb event; with somewhere in the region of 2500 entrants over the course of the day, (in both the Sprint and Olympic distance races) with closed roads on the bike and a stunning run along the banks of the river, and in a town where it seems almost everyone gets involved. Many thanks go to Brian Crinion and his team for taking such good care of me, and of course for ensuring that their race is going from strength to strength. – Racing in Ireland is something I would unquestionably advocate – the enthusiasm and atmosphere are fantastic!