Travelling cross country

April 23rd, 2009 by

I arrived in Florida later on last night, happy to step off the plane to yet another warm climate. Spoilt … that’s what I have become!

Just a few things ...

4.50am: Get up. 6.30: arrive at San Diego Airport (nice n early!), 9.30: fly to Houston Airport (90mins people watching session), 4.30: (2hr time difference by now) fly to Tampa Airport, 7.30 (yet another hour time zone change – bloomin’ big country this) … read my book for an hour or so and got picked up by the race organisors and dropped off at my homestay by 10 ish. Phew!

About to unpack this morning and head off to the pool with my T.R.I team mate Toby Jameson. Tobes has been in town for a few days already, getting his sweat on – it’s a fair bit warmer here than home at this time of year …. but amazingly, cooler than where I have just come from – it was hot in California the past week.