Travel updates

April 22nd, 2010 by

“Iceland is my least favourite european nation – first the banking crisis and now this bonfire . .  and that shop named after them is for neds  . . . . you can quote me on all that!” 
Gavin says it all really.

Toby and I are usually hanging out in St Pete this time of year....

So I didn’t get to fly to Florida earlier this week after all. The Icelandic volcanic erruptions ensured of that … I am able to fly (I hope) on Monday, which means that I miss racing in St Anthony’s  this w/e. I am dissapointed of course, but it is out of my control, and I am glad at least I can make it over in time to race St Croix the w/e afterwards. Control the controllables I say.

Training is going well, I’m happy with that, and I have another few days here to round it all off. Hopefully avoid snow during those days ….