Today I mostly…… visited Encinitas

October 29th, 2008 by

Encinitas is down by the beach, about 15 miles away from Escondido – where i stay whilst here in CA. It’s a pretty little town, quaint almost, and for me it typifies everything that California seemed to mean as depicted by the vision (tv) whilst growing up. And what better a depiction of Californian life than this picture below?

I’ve been down to Encinitas mostly for bike issues – which i’ll elaborate in another post soon enough, and for that the Nytro bike store seems to have become a home from home. I even got a ‘pro discount’ today, so things are looking up! Thanks guys!

It was hot today – the dry windy days of the week past are now just dry days. – The Santa Ana winds which i now understand happen every year in southern California have all but gone it seems. I don’t really know what all the fuss is about in terms of ‘gusts’ – I mean it’s always windier than 20mph at home – here that means its all over the news? Either way it was 96F (37C) in Escondido when i got in the truck to drive down to the coast, and a pleasant 75F by the beach. – A beach I had never bothered to go down and have a look at before. So today I did.

My ugly mug AND a ‘random’. – Good work I thought.