This weekend i mostly did …..

December 21st, 2008 by

…….. Cray fishing off Gordons Bay – it is about a 40 minute drive down to the coast from Stellenbosch.

I was invited along with Mari Rabie (who I am staying with here in SA), her dad, brother and his girlfriend for some early morning excitement. I had not really been out at sea in a little boat before, so I thought the bouncy bouncy ‘drive’ for half an hour or so to the ‘spot’ was great fun. But you have hold on tight in case you end up in the water mind you! Oh, and we even saw a whale on the ‘drive’ – I know it was a whale because it was blowing water in the air. That’s what whales do right?

Some pics:

leaving Gordons Bay. You'd never guess .....


the 'spot' for cray fish

– me pulling up ‘my’ catch – 8 of the little nippers thankyou very much.

I also did some training – two very different bike rides; one comprising half on my bike (untill the rear mech exploded into pieces – not a happy camper), the other half on an mtb, top make up for the half I lost on the road. Today a longish, but stunning ride out and back along the coast with Dan, Dylan and Michal, which was fun. I also swam a couple times…well, I got the hair wet at least – needs must.