the white stuff

December 21st, 2009 by

Maybe because I’m away soon – real soon in fact – our bike ride yesterday in the snow of Glentress seemed so much more enjoyable than it could’ve done. I mean it was pretty darn chilly up on the hillside out of the trees, the snow/ice on the trails was way past hard pact and sketchy and my thumbs were numb after half an hour of the pedal. – Conditions suggested it could’ve been a cafe-stop only ride really, but I loved it, and couldn’t help but wonder how I will adapt to the warmth of the ‘Bosch in less than a week. I’ll manage …. like always.

I love the fact that Barry and his nose just manage to make an appearnace here 🙂

Some more snowy images from our jaunt around the ‘red route’ – approx 20ks of ups, downs and whoopdy-doo’s to keep you guessing, especially on the white stuff –

where’s Wally? …..

 ….. eh, there he is (with the magic of a camera timer!)

reflective – you must stay safe out there after all.