The week been and gone

August 6th, 2011 by

Nearly 3 weeks of Boulder Time have passed me by already; time really does fly. That means that this weekend I am racing again; right here in town for the Boulder 70.3. So the past 7/8 days have been a mix of solid training (i still need to get fit; there ain’t no hiding from that ‘lil old fact) reducing into a few days of resting oblique tapering. It has -chocolate milk and all – gone something like this….

 Who said a thousand calories was a lot?

Saturday(30th) – Looooong bike ride – hilly loop up into the high(er) peaks with a group. 190k, 6hrs

Sunday – Longer run with sme faster pace work. 25k, 1hr 50. Swim solid 5k (4*400,4*300,4*200,4*100 main set)

Monday – Swim – masters session; 5k.  Bike 2.5hrs steady – 75k.

Tuesday – Morning ride; 4.5hrs with 1hr of TT work, 140k. (1 puncture+1.5 litres choc milk). 40min steady run, 9.5k

Wednesday – Run 6k easy. Swim 4k including 40*50 interval set.

Thursday – Run 6k easy with strides. Swim 4.5k solid. Ride 75mins, looking at race course; 40k.

Friday – Run 7k steady. Swim masters, 4k. Feet up, watch tv!

The razor-sharp amongst those reading will notice i’ve had two long rides early in the week leading into the race; but I wanted to have some volume up to 5 days out, and with no ride on Wednesday I think I recovered pretty well from the longer TT efforts of Tues. Hope so anyway. Gulp.

Running has been low volume, low intensity and ‘thro the roof’ breathing!! Needless to say I am finding the altitude is taking some time to adapt to.

Swimming i have kept pretty consistent; I am gaining quite a lot of aerobic fitness from the swim sets and i do feel it is making a difference to my general fitness. Hopefully it will help lift my swimming back to where I would like it quick time. Time will tell.

It’s been a good week though; a nice mix, and the race this Sunday will be another guage as to where I am at on the road back to competing rather than taking part.

And finally, on an all together different note, the week has also been an intro into hot-air ballooning – they seem to launch most mornings from down the street… i’ve watched them on my jog/runs – wondering if I might think about a trip up there? Probably not!