The team rolls on …..

June 18th, 2009 by

Another weekend of summer and another weekend rammed full of racing – gottaloveracing!

Well, I couldn't find a picture of us all ....

Well, I couldn't find a picture of us all ....

Conrad Stoltz Dan Hugo

Fraser Cartmell Will Clarke

Firstly I must comment on The Caveman, Conrad, who recently elevated himself to hero status here in 8D Alloa Rd, through his blood -and -gore antics last w/e racing in Richmond. The good luck streak appears to have hit a stumbling block this week though, as his latest post highlights. – Surgery for the big man means the other guys can actually have a shot at winning in the seemingly-never-ending-race-series that is Xterra. –  Dan can potentially notch up his 2nd win in Xterra Little Rock this Sunday.

Over in Capitol City/Washington D.C, Mr Pink is hitting the pontoon in his first ITU Super World Cup Series event alongside 50-odd other hardened speedsters – one of them being our very own Mr Clarke.

Good luck boys.

I too am hitting the races. Perhaps i’m a gluten for punishment, but I reckon the legs have pulled up ok at last (i’ve basically done nothing all week since the UK 70.3) and so tomorrow I am heading to Amsterdam airport and beyond, for the Dutch Long Distance Champs. 

We’ll see how it goes since it will be my first attempt at ‘backing up’ long course w/e’s. Might have to suck it up, but eiher way it will be a new experience and I am looking forward to going and trying something different.

I’ll be back Monday with some news.