The South African experience is drawing to a close.

February 19th, 2009 by

Fraser Cartmell South Africa flag

The South African experience is drawing to a close. This time next week it will be ‘this way to depatures’.

It does seem amazing that 90 days can zip by so quickly. It’s almost as if you blink and you miss them. But then I actually think about everything I have done since I left Stirling on the 29th November last year and it’s a reasonable list. Here goes……

Well, starting with the obvious – the training, especially since the New Year, (and big toes not withstanding) has been super consistent. Tick. The weather has been all over the shop, but above all sunny. Most notably during the first week of Feb when it go so warm the hills were a-burning. The racing went to plan. Tick. The company has been pretty damn good 🙂 Between Gavin Noble, Tim Don ( and the last couple weeks, Nick Saunders, I have had wicked training partners, and I think between us we have managed to spur one another along nicely from time to time. I certainly feel I have moved along and that is in a large part due to the confidence I have had in the sensible and controlled training environment day in day out.

I have managed to spend some more time with Nikola (in the words of Conrad Stoltz aka the ‘Caveman’) – The Crazy Serb behind the blogging – our website guru. His funny words are here. Nikola lives in SA for the winter time each year, and it was out here this time last year that I briefly met him on one of our longer runs (where, and this is bizarre! – he thought I seemed exteremly GRUMPY.) I guess I can be a grumpy so and so from time to time. I must add I was most recently displaying such a mood during the hotness that was the fires of Stellenbosch which you can re-visit here. – I was best desrcibed as being similar to a ‘Grizzly Bear with a sore head’ during that period. Hmmmm.

I also got going and planned my next few months of racing in the USofA. From here I fly home and spend 8 days in Stirling before pitching up in Miami for 10 days or so. I will race the Miami International which appears to have a cracking start list. I look forward to returning there and seeing my homestays from last year – Martha and Mark. I then head over to California for the rest of March and April. I will race Oceanside 70.3 on the 4th April and St Anthony’s in St Petersburg, Florida on the 26th April. I then return to California to take part in the Wildflower Half Ironman which was probably my favourite race last year.