The past few days

April 21st, 2009 by

They weren't both mine....

They weren't both mine .....promise


There hasn’t been too much terribly exciting happening, hence my lack of posts the past few days. However, I have been;-

biking early doors Friday morning with Joe Gambles – hill reps, 50k, quick coffee stop, physio appointment, easy easy 30 min jog (woohoo), masters swim set, 5k (a toughie) …. all by 1pm. Then sleep!

biking early once again with Joe – steady longer ride up and round the local hills, 115k, easy 30 min run (a little bit quicker than a jog!) …. oh and had the car washed.

a lie in on Sunday. I found a new tv channel (ch 117) as I normally don’t go above ch 30 before getting bored. Watched IM’s Kona and NZ and thought seriously about wanting to do one again this year. Then thought again and went to the pool. 4k of mindless up and down up and down. Easy (but not quite as easy as yesterday) 30 mins run.

biking (yet again) at the crack of dawn with Joe – hill reps once more. Quick coffee (and muffin – just the one) stop – as pictured above, physio appt before riding home to round up another 115k. 

An easy day tomorrow, since on Wednesday I will be travelling all day over to Florida. Gottalovethetravel.