The legendary ‘4 Passes’ ride

January 3rd, 2009 by

Caught in the act ….. that there on my lap is a pie. A chicken pie. I think if nothing else, South Africa has an affinity with Scotland in its love for the Pie. The things is I would never usually eat a pie at home.  Funny really that when I ride the 4 Passes route – all 128 hilly K’s of it – I feel that eating a pie is justifiable. I blame Will Clarke to be honest. For he started the trend this time last year!

I forgot to bring my camera along for the ride, so I have stolen the pics that Dan Hugo snapped. The ride was completed alongside Dan, Mari – my housemate, Johhny Kritzinger – who’s house I lodged in for a month during my stay in S’bosch last year, and we also had Christoph Sauser along for the first hour. However he turned round when the hills began at Sir Lowry’s Pass (the 1st Pass of the ride) – these multiple World Champions huh!? I should note that he rode it solo the day before in 4 hours and 10 minutes … which could well be record time. Myself and Will Clake may attempt a two-up to challenge that time in Feb when he pitches up…….

Some views that Dan took of the ride below:

And finally – the last descent dropping us back into Stellenbosch; Hellshoogte – representing the ‘4th Pass’: