Ta da!!

March 21st, 2009 by

I don’t want to go on and on about this, but me getting these new bikes is way cool!! So, I am showing you MORE pictures of them – now as the finished articles. Well, not quite, since I need some tubs to go on the race wheels for the TT bike….but i’m not racing on it quite yet.

My new AR1 (Pringle/Argyle print paint job) and DA Felt bikes.


Rocky (yup, I wrote Rocky) finished building up my bikes this afternoon at the Nytro bike store down in Enchinitas. These things always take longer than you think, so I hung around for an hour and a half or so waiting… very patiently! By the time I got home it was getting late (and cold would you believe) but I was deffinately hitting the road for a test drive – The road bike was hands down winner for first dibs. I haven’t ridden the road bike for so long, and my first ride on the AR1 was superb. It fits like a glove, even though it is only a 54cm frame (I am possibly shrinking in old age?) compared to the 58cm road frame I was last riding a couple years ago.

The time trial bike looks fantastic and I am contemplating keeping it soley for racing useage! – I have my ‘old’ TT bike here with me also, since I needed something to race on in Miami last w/e, so I may do the majority of the donkey work aboard it. But then again … who am I kidding?

I know, I know ... the saddle is WAY too high, and there are no tubs on the rims. Yet.

One final close up. And then I will stop showing off. I promise. Well…. I might do just the one post about them next week. Just a little, not-bothering-anyone-post.