Stellenbosch Fire

February 5th, 2009 by

The fire spread quite rapidly last night – touching the edge of the University sports centre before it was controlled. We went for a look late last night and the smoke was incedibly thick. Ash has managed to creep into most nooks and crannies!

Today, since the pool was shut for vaccuming and de-ashing, I rode quite early. I started off by taking some pics of the helicoptors ‘bombing’ the last few areas that were still smouldering out of town towards the nature reserve where we go run; Jonkerhoek. However by the time i returned from my run the wind had changed and a new area of town was under threat – just up behind the hill where I am staying in fact. So I went and watched some more helicoptors in action there too!

Thankfully things seem under more control tonight. The crazy thing is that the suspected reason is arson! The minds of some people. – There is a slideflickr below with some of my pics form the day and night.