St Croix tales

May 1st, 2010 by

Dejan and I finally meet up in St Croix ...

If you can, the St Croix 70.3  is one of those races that you just have to do in a triathlon career, that much I have learned and gleaned from others over the past couple years. So here I am, on an island in the carribean, getting ready to hit it out with some of the best 70.3 mile racers on the planet tomorrow.

It’s hot, humid and the bike course is extremely ‘lumpy’, to put it kindly! Everyone keeps apologising for the state of the roads – the pot holes, the gravel, the bumps and poor tar quality. I have been laughing … they should come ride in The Shire!! I’m at home on these sorts of roads, so it’s all good.

I got round the bike course in the car and had a look at the infamous ‘Beast’ climb … just a hill right? Well, just a hill that has a section that ramps up to a mighty 27% gradient. Ouch. But as much hype as this hill gets, it really is only one hill, and it’s not even a mile long! Pah. Seriously, the back half of this course is where the damage will be done, where there are many more rollers and wind to contend with. Ultimately it will be the run that decides the winner for sure as  it’s a hard loop out on the golf course which we do twice, and to quote my good buddy Richie Cunningham who is racing here for the 8th time, it will be “hotter than the sun”. Yikes!

2009 winner Cat Morrison showed me the bike route

I had time for a quick splash around the swim course in the morning – such clear water, although I didn’t manage to spot even one fishy?? Just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming ….

And yesterday I had a quick chance to see some of the beautiful coast line around the island.

I am off to bed, but will write a litte bit before race time …. and good luck to my good buddies (and teammates of various forms) Lesley, Julie and Joe over in Wildflower … part of me wishes I was racing there, but next year, next year!