St Anthony’s Triathlon 2009

April 26th, 2009 by

Just a quick race update from this morning here in St Petersburg – 14th place, 1:53:16. My leg didn’t hurt either (well, they collectively ‘hurt’ as a pair, but my sore spot didn’t hurt!) – and that is progress in the land-of-Fraser right now, let me tell you. (And I even outsplit the fastest girl on the run 🙂  )

The swim was VERY choppy – in fact so choppy that the entire age group swim was cancelled with the race becoming a straight draft fest, i mean bike run. Poor folks, I mean having to do a duathlon?!

I got smashed around (i am making a habit of that lately unfortunately) and ended up in a big group of guys who were at least a minute down on the leaders by the time we got into T1.

Onto the bike and I got going really well to begin with. By 10 miles I had started to drop off that pace and ended up watching Terenzo ride off (he did end up with the fastest bike split however) and I settled with a few others til around the 18 mile mark, when well, I did a stupid thing – I cut the course. Its difficult to explain but essentially I got confused as to exactly WHERE I was supposed to do a dead turn. I did it too soon! The race ref was right there on his motorbike ready to dish out a red card! Thankfully I did the right thing and re-did the turn! Idiot.

The run was fine, in that it was pain free. I got passed by a few guys and ended up outside the top 10… but I am confident I am finally, after 9 frustrating – and expensive – weeks of physio getting back to where i need to be.

Next stop Wildflower  – looking forward to it!

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