Spring weeks in Aguilas

May 9th, 2013 by

It’s been quiet on the blogging front and for that I apologise, however I have been busy spending a few weeks down in the south eastern corner of Spain that has been my ‘bolt-hole’ on and off now for the best part of a decade – Aguilas.


Aguilas harbour and beach front where I would do some nice and easy flat recovery runs. It’s a good view!

After a lot of travelling and racing during the first three months of the year it was great to be home in Stirling through March. That is, save for the weather unfortunately. It’s something that I should be more than used to by now, but maybe with age I’m getting less able to deal with the good old Scottish climate. And so with the arrival of the cold snap at the start of April I headed off to Aguilas to knuckle down for a month of what I hoped would be no nonsense, consitent swim, bike and run in preparation for my summer racing goals; Ironman 70.3 UK in June and Ironman Germany the following month.

I had one race planned during the middle of the training block – a half ironman distance event a couple hours drive north in Alicante, called the Triathlon de Elche. There was a good crew of folk from the Stirling Tri club  going out too and it was great to catch up with them over the weekend. And Ali was also coming out for the middle ten days to get some training in the sunshine as well as maybe a glass of wine or two 😉 And to add to this I also ended up with a second race to help break up the trip during my final week. This was actually a draft legal race, and as such was my first attempt at such an event in nearly 5 years! Not having a road bike with me I borrowed from a friend in Aguilas – many thanks Pedro! – and thoroughly enjoyed the Fuente Alamo Triathlon, which is a sprint distance event described as ‘one of the best races in Spain’.


Elche was a superb race, which I would certainly think about returning to again if I can; a chopy sea swim, with a rolling (not *flat* as descibed!) bike course and a run route that contained a serious set of stairs plus a soft beach sand section – to be tackled not once but twice 🙁 I was happy enough with my 4th place in a field that had a relatively tight top ten finish. Fuente Alamo was an altogether different kettle of fish – one that had me feeling altogether more nervous than I can remember on the beach starting line! I was pleased to make the front group out of the water (see picture above), and worked as hard as I could on the bike, mostly on the front – but perhaps inevitably finished 12th from a group of 12 after the 5k run. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the experience though and glad I jumped in at the last minute. Keeping the body guessing 😉

Aguilas is a place I have spent such a lot of time in – I once tried to add all the weeks training there together, and it came to more than a year – that it really is as close to a second (training) home as I imagine I will ever have. Everything is so familiar; the town, the pool staff, the roads for riding and the trails for running… even the supermarket! It just makes training so much easier, and I almost always come away from there feeling like I got the most out of the trip. This one was no different, and like any other long(er) stint away, I look forward to getting home towards it’s conclusion… if not only to watch the rain through the window and wish I was back in sunny Aguilas!


 Like I said … it’s a good view.