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April 1st, 2009 by

Gavin Noble triathlete

gavin noble logo I would imagine you have already been a regular reader, and if not, why not?

The newest member of our small, but every growing tri-web family (otherwise know as the Nekada Triathlon Team) is the ever endearing Irishman Gavin Noble, known for his tact, and his ability to beat around the bush. Em, NOT. – He says it as it is, and I quote “I have a style, and am not to be sensored”, as he told Nikola – The Mad Serbian, (Gav’s words, not mine) at the helm of our internet operations.

Also, as I have mentioned already on these pages, a couple of the ‘youngsters’ (how old am I!) from British Triathlon are giving 70.3 racing a go this w/e in the Oceanside 70.3 here in Southern California. I have done a bit of swimming with Olly Freeman and he has just re-vamped his website, and has kicked it off with a great summary of his thoughts leading into the race this w/e within his blog section – check it out if you have a minute or five –