October 17th, 2009 by

Southern California. That’s what the cool kids seem to call it anyways …..


A few days in already. Time flies. After a late arrival in Los Angeles I stayed in the airport (well, a hotel room, not a terminal bench) on Monday evening and then drove myself the couple of hours south to the San Diego area I now know so well. There has been a coldy type thing hanging around since the flight – the bonuses of travel I suppose – and I am doing my best to shrug it off. The warmth of the sun is helping 🙂

I am not doing the best with my swim training of late. It turns out the pool is shut for ‘construction’, so I am having to drive a fair bit to get to the next one. Luckily I can borrow the truck to get there…hHopefully it won’t be too big an issue, as I swam pretty consistenly right through September back in the Shire.

The biking is going ok – I just got 2, 3, 4 hour rides in to remind the legs over the last 3 days. The riding is pretty hilly in these here parts, and I had forgotten just how hilly.  Nice views though, and once I get off the beaten track, no traffic either. Just how I like it.


I’m only here another 5 days and then it’s onwards to Texas for the Longhorn 70.3 in Austin. It will be a new State for me to visit, and a new race to experience. I’ll keep you posted