October 25th, 2012 by

One thing I have learnt whilst staying in Boulder is that you can pretty much put 100% faith in the weather forecasters … if they say it’s going to do something, well, it pretty much does. – Including snow over night!

Two days ago I was riding in what could only be described as ‘summer cycling attire’ – shorts and shortsleeve, enjoying a warm 20C or so. Fast forward to this morning and it’s a winter wonderland outside the front door! The only saving grace is that it was no surprise – the Weather Channel (which I am fast becoming addicted to as it’s remarkably more interesting than the majority of alternative tv channels available!) had said it would be so.

I am quite enjoying it (because I know that it will only last for 2 days tops thanks to the magical Weather Channel) really – it’s far less miserable than snow and cold weather is back at home, as the air is so unbelievably dry here. It doesn’t have that horribly cold biting feel to it, and best of all, there is no ice or frost to scrape away from the windscreen to go swimming in the morning. That’s a winner right there in my book.

The driveway this morning …. looks kinda pretty doesn’t it? As long as it all shifts by tomorrow night like the tv says it will. – If the tv says so, it must be true, right? 😉

Doesn’t the weather system know I have an Ironman in just over 3 weeks ….?