Shane McConkey (1969-2009)

March 28th, 2009 by

shane mcconkey skiing downhill

I just read about this, and wanted to post on it. I didn’t know who Shane was, didn’t follow his exploits at all, but am sad to learn that such an obvious talent, such a master of his craft, has passed away. Below is a simply fantastic snippit of the amazing skills these athletes have:

As a youngster I used to ski as often as I could during the winter. Dad would take Blair and I up to Cairngorm, or the Lecth ski centres – depending on whether there was any snow, whether the winds were tolerable, whether the ski road was blocked or not, whether we had a swimming gala to go to or not etc etc etc.

But I think if could do another sport, then skiing would certainly be it. – And if I lived in North America, anywhere near the Rockies, it would deffinately be my sport.  Always being competitive, skiing as a kid was no different, and many of the guys we used to ski with were very very good at it. I used to try and keep up, and used to try and dabble in the off-piste type skiing they were expert at. However, by 17, I was trying a little too hard, fell, and broke my wrist. Given triathlon was starting to be my main concern, I pretty much stopped skiing thereafter.

But I still find the sport amazing, and love to watch this type of extreme skiing; I find it very inspiring.