Scottish Olympic Triathlon Championships 2017

September 22nd, 2017 by

2nd place – 2:01:54

I always try to race at home in Scotland during the season, if I can. This year I didn’t think I was going to manage that due to my race schedule clashing with the domestic race dates. However, my plan to race Ironman Wales had to be shelved due to my ongoing injury niggle. I didn’t feel able to race a marathon but I was happy to drop down to the Olympic distance over 10k. Plus, I enjoy a trip to Aberdeenshire for a race at Knockburn Loch too as it’s a great venue, and I like trying to support events there when I can.

knockburn bike

Pushing on during the hilly and technical bike ride around the Knockburn area 

Being early September I knew it would be a chilly race, but as ever in Scotland, we would be at the mercy of the weather gods as to how cold we were out on the race course! Thankfully, the forecast heavy rain showers didn’t entirely materialise, but the blustery wind most certainly did! It is Scotland after all 😉

Knockburn swim

Inevitably with the passing of time (I’m getting old!) it’s harder and harder to try and win one of these races – as it should be of course, and Doug Roberts would be there to defend his 2016 title. We had a frigid (13C apparently) 2 lap loch swim to start our day, and I lost a few seconds to Doug halfway through that. I was however able to catch back up early during the ride, but I didn’t have any oomph to pull away any further by T2 to create the buffer I’d need to challenge for the win.

knockburn run

If you’ve never visited, it’s a great little race venue at Knockburn. The run course loops around the perimeter of the loch and surrounding trails, which is a nice change from the more usual tarmac/street type of affair for race courses. As you can tell, I like this race a lot, and I enjoyed being back up in the area to compete.

It was a good day out and catching up with old faces from down the years was an added bonus too.


Myself (2nd), Doug Roberts (1st) and Paul Kerr (3rd)

Well done to everyone who raced and braved the elements! Also, as a slight aside, congratulations to young Paul Kerr from Orkney, racing here for Edinburgh University. I’m always pleased to meet and see new faces racing, I suppose because it reminds me of myself many moons ago!

As always, thanks to Iain Macintosh for the pictures.