Scottish Duathlon Championships 2012

March 27th, 2012 by

It might be March, in Scotland …. but look at that sunshine! This is me finishing up the bike leg from Sunday’s Scottish Duathlong Champs held at the University Campus here in Stirling. It was a fun morning, and hey, it reached nearly 20C by the time we had finished!

I’ve said it before and I said it again at the weekend; Duathlon is HARD! Nonetheless, this is a great event to get your teeth into especially with the route being over 4 laps on the first run and multpile loops on the bike – you can really work into the race and hopefully pace yourself through it to good effect. I did my best and was happy to be able to win the title once again … I have the trophy here at home in front of me and I was quite surprised to realise I first won it way back in 2004!! I am starting to feel a bit elderly all of a sudden.

I ‘enjoyed‘ myself (mostly once it was over) though, and that was largely because the race is so well organised – Stirling Triathlon Club are so professional in what they do at their events that it makes it a pleasure to race at home, it really does. I really enjoy being able to do it – race at home – and hey, there isn’t much better a feeling that opening the garage door to ride your bike to tranistion of a race ‘morn is there?! I hope everyone managed a smile or thank you at some point for the many fab volunteers dotted around the course too since it is they who make these events possible.

It was great to have dad down to watch as well – he hadn’t seen me race since the end of 2008 at the Clearwater World 70.3 Champs… bit of a contrast in venues, but we didn’t mind 🙂

As always, thanks to IMAC photography for the cracking pictures  he takes whenver I am back in Scotland racing and also well done to Rory Downie for keeping me honest and having a top race! Congrats also to Kerry on her first duathlon title too.