Scottish Champs, Gullane

August 29th, 2009 by

Windy? Yup. Hard work? For sure. Raining?? – Incredibly, no!!

 The Scottish Olympic distance Champs in Gullane kicked off this morning and I headed along hoping for a start (I was on the waiting list). I like to race at home, and I haven’t done it for ages. Especially not in Gullane. In fact, I last raced there in 1999 as a wet-behind-the-ears-junior, who was really shockingly slow according to the results! – So ten years down the line, I was back (I got a start) and really enjoyed it too.

Lance you say? Aye, Lance!

I also caught up with a couple of guys that I have been in contact with over email for a couple of months, but schedules haven’t matched up till now to meet in person. Mark Daly is BBC Scotland’s Investigations Correspondant and for this year he has decided to jump on the ‘ol Ironman bandwagon – giving Challenge Barcelona in mid October a crack.  His friend and training partner (and fellow Journalist), Mark McGivern is also on ‘the list’ for Barcelona, and he too was giving Gullane a shot today. – Both seemed happy to have got through yet another race on their respective roads to I’m completion, and it was great to hear of their stories so far.

Have a read of Marks’ most recent blog on the subject.