Scottish Aquathlon Championships 2008

September 28th, 2008 by

scottish beach
Sunshine. It happens en Ecosse you know….

Nearly October? Swimming in the sea, and in SCOTLAND??

Yup, needs must, and well, I hadn’t raced a Championship event at home this year. Plus, David had won two events this year already, so I figured he’d had enough already!! Just kidding. Well, not really.

Coach Gordo picked me up early doors and the car dashboard read -2C …. I tapped it, but no, not a glitch – it was correct. Happy days we thought. Or as any Californian (or David for that matter) would say, ‘beautiful’.

I’ve been getting back into reasonable training routines, especially this week, in the wake of the whole Ironman experience, and more recently, the lurgy. Although I’ve not really been riding as I have a niggle to get through, leaving the swimming and running to be picked up now the antibiotics have all been swallowed. So the 750m swim/5k run in Portobello this morning fitted in perfectly, as I’ve ticked my way through 20k of swimming and 100k of running this week. I was looking forward to the race with David, as he has been having his end of year break, what with university starting up again, so his French Grand Prix speediness is a little dulled, which alongside my post-Ironman tiredness suggested we should be neck and neck or thereabouts. Indeed, it turned out to be a good old tussle.

Let it be noted. The swim was cold. Not as cold as I expected mind you. Dave got off to a flyer, but I got round him after the first bouy (he couldn’t see the bouys so figured I was a better option to follow) and we both ran up the beach side by side. I had a rubbish transition, not being able to feel my feet and all, but 400m down the promenade David had to stop to sort his shoe, and so we were side by side again. Stayed like that for the next 4k, with us surging each other as best we could, and me managing to dig a little deeper in sight of the finish arch.

Good race, lovely venue, sunshine (in Scotland no less) and a Championship trophy to take home. Gordo came home in 5th place behind a couple of young bucks from the Junior Squad, which is great to see… there’s some talent out there.

old dude (coach Gordo) not so up for it!
old dude (coach Gordo), before kick off…….

....and pointless pre race banter
….and pointless pre race banter