Sandy Eggo part 3

October 17th, 2008 by

view past where i live to the hills where i ride

Sorry it’s been a few days, but I am now more or less settled back into life as a San Diegan for the third time this year, albiet just for another couple weeks. I go in late on Monday and have been easing into the training which is very much needed in order to go and toe the line in Clearwater, for the World Championship 70.3.

The jet lag didn’t seem to be such a problem this time, I have slept like a log, and if anything have only had to go to bed an hour or so earlier at night, and 4 days in now, I am into a familiar daily routine; swim, bike, run. Although the devil in me went all left-field and mixed it up. Now I am running, swimming, biking! Wow my life gets wild out here.

I would post some more pictures, but i broke the lead for my camera, and I haven’t had the time, or inclination, to go into town to find a new one. I will next week I guess. Everything looks the same; luckily the sky is still remarkably blue, there are only friendly, fluffy white clouds in it rather than menacing grey/black ones and the air is warm.

I am now off to ride my bike (guess where in my daily routine I am if you can huh?!?) to work on that tan as Lucia (who’s house I live at) remarked when i arrived ‘you’re SO white!’ I guess every other time I pitched up I had been in warmer climates within the previous couple weeks. It made me laugh though. I think if Lucia ever visited Scotland she would think everybody was so ill they were knocking on deaths door.