Riding in Miami

March 11th, 2009 by

I was out on the bike course for the Miami International Triathlon yesterday evening, and I came up behind a group of guys, which prompted me to take a picture, cos you just wouldn’t see it in many other places I doubt!! It is after all only March.

Not the typical lats you tend to see on a bike rider......

Otherwise I have been dodging the traffic as best as possible – on Monday evening I got lost on my way home and ended up on US Highway 1 – which I am pretty sure is not a legal place to ride your bike. It ended up being an interval session as I attempted to keep up with the traffic between sets of traffic lights, which seemed the safest thing. Ultimately it was a fruitless attempt as the lights were more often than not far too spread out, and the cars did their best to let me know I was in the wrong place completely. Loud horns.

I got a nice snapshot of the city skyline on my way back over the bridge – the only hill on the bike course for this w/e ……

…….. and of the more leafy surroundings of my homestay for the week – there is a lot less traffic in here!

Guess who didn't bring a front training wheel with him??