Rev3 Maryland 2012

October 17th, 2012 by

A week past Sunday I raced my first Revolutions3 series triathlon in Columbia, Maryland over on the east coast of the US. I’ve heard plenty of good things about these races from my friends who race over here in the States more than I, so I was looking forward to experiencing one of the events. The weather asides, I had an enjoyable mornings racing and finished in 5th place over a slightly extended olympic distance format (1.5/54/10.5k).

I had spent a good previous month of training in Sedona plus had settled back into training in Boulder for a week or so, meaning a race seemed like a good idea to not only break up the training routine but also to get back on the horse so to speak. – It had been quite some time since Ironman UK and my last racing venture…and I tend to get rusty!

Despite there having been good weather in the few days leading up to the weekend, we were treated to a rather unsavoury temperature drop over night, plus the welcome addition of the first few rain drops just as we were wandering down to the swim start. One thing about being Scottish which helps in these situations is that I obviously don’t really care that much (although I would of course prefer warmth and dryness!) whereas most others seem to hit the panic button.

That being said, it did feel decidedly chilly as we jumped on our bikes and to be honest, by the time we arrived back in transition I too was rather fed up with and over the coldness! – Never before have I had to sit down in transition to try and force my trainers on (it took a lifetime for each stump/foot) or indeed almost have to ask someone to undo my helmet buckle. I got out of there (T2) eventually.

My race was a funny mixture; my swim was one of the worst I have had in as long as I can remember – experiencing my first ever ‘panic attack’ for want of a better description. Shortly after the start and simply couldnt catch my breath and had to do a fair bit of head up doggy paddling to get some composure. I lost the front group of guys and unfortunately that was the race gone on this occacion, as amongst that small front group were the eventual top two steps of the podium. Nonetheless, even in an olympic distance race you have plenty of time to get on with it and put your head down. I exited the water just in front of Richie, who I am staying with just now and we managed to catch up a couple guys pretty early on and would maybe have done a bit better if we hadnt realised about an hour into the bike that we were clearly nowhere near T2. – We didn’t realise it was an ‘extended’ bike ride … and with that our moral (and core temperature) kinda plummeted! And yes I am aware of the “5 P’s” … Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance 😉

I was quite pleased with how I coped with the run in Maryland. – My run training has been anything but spectacular over the past 3 months what with the hip problem I gave myself at the Ironman back in July, so I was keen to get some semblance of a quality race pace effort – I knew it wouldn’t set the world on fire by any means, but I just hoped for something that actually felt like racing. Given that Richie has won (on the run) a few rather impressively attended races this year I was pleased to hold him off for the first 4 miles of the run and then only cross the finish line 4 secs behind him for 5th position.

I certainly enjoyed racing a new event, meeting a new group of race organisers and experiencing their more relaxed and evidently hightened awareness of what makes for a better race day experience than many of the other events I have taken part in over the years.

Rev3 is a winner, and I look forward to racing a couple more of their events this year for sure.