Renewing friendships

December 3rd, 2008 by

Faustus. My new best friend.

I arrived safe and sound with all my luggage (always a worry when travelling through Heathrow Terminal 5) early o clock on Sunday morning here in South Africa. It is wonderful to be back. Everything is just how I remember it to be and I have got right back into the swing of things, which although IS great, doesn’t FEEL great, if that makes sense.

I decided this afternoon, as I finished up my longest bike ride since the madness of the Sherbourne Ironman attempt back in September (102ks), that I just shouldn’t ever bother to stop training. I had a good break of 3 full weeks away from structured training after Clearwater, didn’t use the road bike at all and ran only a handful of (although enjoyable) times. Today marked the 1st significant training day including a swim, a bike and a run since the end of October, and boy am I feeling it this evening!

However, when not nursing the various aches and pains I have been reacquainted with Fasutus! He has grown significantly since I last lived here, but thankfully he likes and/or remembers me. You see he is a gaurd dog (like almost every dog in this country) so it is essentially his job to bark at anybody who he doesn’t know or like, which appears to encompass the majority of folk! He must stay outside most of the time, but he seems to need to know what is going on in and around the house – so he is conveniently now tall enough to have the occasional peek over the door, which I find rather funny.

I will be back soon enough with some more news, but for now I will leave on the note that it is less than 7 weeks till the South African 70.3, when my 2009 season starts in earnest. I learned early this week that Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack is slated to race also. Alongside Tim Don and the 2 guys who beat me on the course early this year – Rsynard Tissink and Fred van Lierde – it is shaping up to be a superb race.