Ready to rumble…. at last.

April 4th, 2009 by

So the day before the race (the evening in fact, lets be honest) I get the rig ‘ready’ to go. I met up with the guys from Shimano today whilst I was down at the bike shop (store here in the USofA) and they were showing me the new electronic gearing being brought out later this year. Wow! But they were also happy to see me get the dura ace front wheel and Pro disc onto my bike for the race tomorrow. Me too!

In the words of Ness from Gavin+Stacey: Tidy

And after all these years racing, I finally worked out what those two little buttons on a race belt are actually for! One of those ‘light bulb’ moments in my life.

Race start is early o clock tomorrow – 6.4am local time which is 2.40pm at home. Apparently the feed has been given a face lift and should be worth following for a change. I shall do my best to try and be in the mix! Since I have to be in the water in just over 9 hours time, I had best get off to bed!