Pre Longhorn 70.3

October 25th, 2009 by

Just about to hit my bed after a lengthy pre race day … always things to do – a bit of exercise to loosen off, a trip to the race site to familiarise, race briefing plus I was asked to join in on the Pro Q&A Panel which was interesting, not least since Victor Zyemtsev from the Ukraine was also answering questions; “i like bike” , “wetsuit eez gud” , and my personal favourite on being asked about race nutrition, he looked up as if to say are you stupid … “gyyeellls”. As Gavin might say – gottaloveaukranian.

It’s the first race 70.3 I have started since Antwerp back at the beginning of August. It’s a strong field so I’m looking forward to getting out there and seeing how I shape up. Swim hard, bike hard and run hard. See where it gets me.

Supposed to be live feed on but they say that all the time!! Hopefully this time …. also there will be a live twitter cast at which may end up being more reliable.