Pre Abu Dhabi!

March 12th, 2010 by

It’s nearly race day … and boy has it been a few days of hanging around an waiting for it to arrive. I’m not much of a fan of emersing yourself amongst you’re rivals and competitors for days on end before an event, but there wasn’t much choice for this race. It was a  long travel and we all needed to get here early, so here we are all under the one roof!

Myself and fellow team members Joe, Julie and Heather share some of our thoughts before race day ……

On Wednesday Blair and I headed into town to have a little look around … we didn’t see much to be honest, and here we are on our way inside a shopping centre, where we ended up killing time watching a movie. Hmm … couldnt have done that at home could we?!?


And finally … this morning we all had to climb onto buses with our bikes! to get down to the race start and rack our bikes before race day tomorrow morning. We figured a little ‘team shot’ could work out nice.


We race at 6.20am tomorrow (Saturday) morning, which is 2.20am at home. If all things go to plan, then have a think of me on the run course from around 8ish onwards …

I’m nervous, but excited too. It’s a unique distance, but ultimately I can learn a ton from it and take it forward for racing Ironman later in the year. That’s the plan. I’ll try stick to it 🙂