Photo’s for Norwell

June 3rd, 2009 by

After the early morning swim here in Stirling ( 21*100s on the 1.15/1.20 cycle broken) I wolfed the cereal, had a run up and around the uni, and somehow fitted in a visit to physiofocus before heading up the road to Aberdeen. The weather here at the moment really is superb, and I apologise (only a little mind) for banging on about it – but I am unsure if Nikola’s ‘action and reaction’ theroy is entirely the reasoning???

Anyway…. I was in the Granite City to get some snaps with Iain Adams, the Mangaing Director of Norwell, who are my only Scottish sponsor. I enyoyed it, and I think we got some decent images from the afternoon at the beach, which hopefully can be used in local media here at home.

smiles are over rated!

Norwell is the longest running Drilling Project management and Engineering Consultancy group in Europe. They have operated in over 40 countries around the globe, managing in excess of 100 projects since 1989 – and given my University years spent learning about Chemical Engineering, I have a real interest in this line of work.

It’s superb having a local sponsor who are really supportive, and actively involved in triathlon here in Scotland. – On June 21st Norwell are sponsoring the Knockburn Triathlon just outside Aberdeen. Iain himself will be doing a triathlon over in Canada later in the year aswell. Hopefully I will be able to visit schools in the Abeerdeenshire area so that I can try to encourage youngsters to take part in sport of some type. In that way the help I have recieved from Norwell can hopefully spread further.