Off the beaten track

August 13th, 2009 by

I look a little confused. Must be the mtb?

I’ve had a few days off now since Prague, Saturday past, and yesterday we had a bit of off road fun. – A change is as good as a rest don’t they say? I reckon so.

Blair and I threw some gear in the back of the car and after we’d finished arguing about exactly who’s fault it was that we’d managed to lock ourselves out of the flat, we got going northwards for the 2 hours it takes to hit Aviemore. We met up with Grum, our best buddie from home, and headed towards the heather!

We have a lot of fond memories from the Cairngorms; be it from caravan holidays or skiing as kids, or indeed riding the mtb’s throughout our youth on these very trails. So it’s always great fun going back up there for an explore. – Blair has had plenty more time than me to do this over the past couple of years, and he showed us some cracking trails.

There is a lot of excitement building as the w/e approaches though – it is the London round of the ITU World Championship Series in Hyde Park on Saturday. Blair is travelling down to watch alongside the Scottish Youth and Junior athletes who have a race themselves on Sunday. I however will be able to watch the whole event unfold live on BBC television here in Stirling. Both Gavin and Will are racing so tune in to give them a hearty cheer.

In the meantime I shall consinder unpacking my bike……….