Not just swimbikerun.

March 8th, 2009 by

Today Blair and I visited one of my best friends – Mike, who I haven’t seen since September – as he and Jenni have had a new addition to the family. Littel Isobel. Last time I say Mike and Jenni they told me they were expecting…. and all of a sudden 6 months has blown by. Anyway, she was adorable!

"Why oh why is he making such STUPID faces?"


Mike and I swam together as kids at the Forres Bluefins, rode around on our mountain bikes most weekends, and eventually graduated onto ‘proper’ road bikes as we got towards University age. Mike is a couple years older, and went to a different University, although also in Edinburgh, which meant we managed to get out and ride together a fair bit until he and Jenni headed off to London for real-people jobs. I was Best Man at their wedding in 2005, and since then we could easily count the number of times we have seen one another on a single hand! Which is shocking, but life I suppose.

Daddy making it look easy 🙂


So given I am heading off to Miami tomorrow morning, I had to get through to see how they were all getting along, have a blether and a cup of tea, and it was lovely to do that. Through the week I have managed to catch up with all of my family and virtually all my friends that are around, which has been superb.  – A great mini break before heading off on my own for the next couple months of training and racing.

I’m glad it’s not all swimbikerun all the time.