New Felt frames

March 20th, 2009 by

I headed down to the bike shop this afternoon to have a proper look at my new framesets, and generally get excited about all the new stuff! I should have at least one of them ready to ride (and show you) tomorrow. But for now, have a look….

I really love the colour scheme on the road frame – in the Garmin Pro cycle team colours. Apparently some of the other guys on the triathlon squad at Felt were none too happy about getting the ‘Argyle’ graphics, one even wanting to send it back to the factory for a regular?! Maybe because I am Scottish, who knows, but I really like it. Plus, it is a rather exclusive bike frame to have; these only getting given to the Pro team riders, and the triathletes. So I guess I might have the only one in Scotland?!

The Argyle colour scheme. Like it? I do