My stolen Felt AR1

May 10th, 2009 by

Between loading the bike onto the car this morning at 5.30 for an early morning swim/bike session and realising at 5.45 on the Interstate Highway that it was no longer on the bike rack…

I had my road bike stolen.

I know that nobody died and that is only equipment, BUT I am still very much gutted right now.

My now gone Felt AR1 Team Issue road bike

I arrived into Florida late evening Friday, and was keen to get going with some training early on Saturday. My homestay Carolyn and Tim were going to an open water swim event and Tim was riding afterwards. Sounded like a good mornings training to me.

We loaded the bikes onto the back of the car just before 5.30, headed off, and after what felt like barely a few minutes, but certainly no more than ten, I casually looked abck to have a check on my bike, and was horrifed to see it was no longer there. Panic. Being on an Interstate Highway (but being so early it was very quiet) we couldn’t simply turn right round, and we weren’t exactly sure where the bike had come off the rack, so we went back to the house and retraced our steps exactly.

I was sure we were going to find it broken/driven over or similar on our return, but nothing. It was still dark and we thought it must have somehow bounced down on of the many embankments along the 3-4 mile route we had taken through town. Painstakingly we crawled along the road and I ran up and down looking, hoping to find it lying carfeully placed.


I really didn’t believe it possible that someone could have first seen it happen, slow down AND steal it off the road. Maybe that’s being too naive, but I just didn’t think it could simply vanish. So we called the Police and then went into the station to file a report.

The bike is a 54cm Felt AR1 Team Issue, with the distinctive Garmin/Slipstream colour scheme, which makes it really so unique, and one of the reasons I loved the bike so much.

Fingers crossed the good of human nature will shine through and it will be returned, but I am not holding out too much hope for that I am afraid.

If anyone reading this sees anything regarding my bike at all, on ebay or craig’s list, then please get in touch – anything could help! Thanks.

I also want to apologize to Felt for not taking better care of such a great machine.