Miami International Triathlon 2009

March 15th, 2009 by

Today I raced an olympic distance event in Miami. Non drafting. I finished 8th place in 1.52.16. It was a tough day at the office as they say, but a solid start to the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

miami international triathlon swim start

I raced this event last year, and in it’s second outing it was even more impressive this year. My new sponsor for wetsuits is Profile, and they were the title sponsor, so it was a great way for me to meet those folk too.

The race kicked off in near darkness at 7am, as the light was just creeping over the cityscape – it’s a strange scene looking at all the light of the skycrapers before you run into the water! It was a relatively small, but very impressive group of guys that lined up this morning.

I was a little nervous, as always, on the start line (a rapid heart beat never doesn’t anyone any harm right?) but mostly excited to see if I could hang out with these guys on the swim/bike. My swim has been going pretty good in the pool, but that never means much if you can’t hold onto those feet come race day! Unfortunately I let those pesky feet and bubbles go this morning. 4 sets of them! You’d think I could catch just the one, anyone, i’m not fussy.

So I got out onto the bike in 5th spot, and started to try and find the fast tempo required for this distance. – You can’t relax over 40ks. Not one bit, not at this level. Every pedal stroke must count, especially so on a falt course like this one. (There is a bridge we went over 4 times, but in my mind it was flat!). I had led out a small group of guys from the water, including Fred Van Lierde from Belgium – Fred and I am both raced in the 70.3 in South Africa in Jan, so it was good to see him again. He’s a super friendly guy.

It also included a couple other guys – one of whom I had hoped to stay with when he passed me on the bike; but Chris Lieto blew past me so fast that he could have given me a cold. And another lad also did the same. I say ‘lad’ as it turns out he was only 19!!!! Amazing power for someone so young. These two went on to lead out the bike into T2, I guess a couple minutes in front of me. I myself went by a couple of those aforementioned pesky feet, and pulled away from Fred, who stuck with said feet. I got into T2 in 5th spot and not so far behind Andy Potts, which seemed a little enouraging.

Not one for excuses, but I had always decided this would be a swim/bike race for me with a 10k shuffle of it. I have not run properly in over 3 weeks; although I have been running/jogging regularly this week as my leg has improved. The last time I ran as far as 10k was over 3 weeks ago. Some people wouldn’t find this a big deal.


I fall apart if I stop decent running for more than 10 days and end up looking like someone who has adopted someones elses lower limbs. Not pretty. So at 5k on the run I was outta the $$’s and in 7th spot. I then got caught by a bit of a legend in non drafting racing – Oscar Galidez.

This was new territory for me, as whenever I have raced him before, he has been off the bike before me, never to be seen (by me) till the tent filled with slices of oranges and cups of coke. So I pulled myself out of my self pity and surged along with him. It was fun, and probably the highlight of my race!

It only lasted a mile and a half, but just before then he barked in broken English ‘you on first lap?’ at me …. to which I replied in the negative, and then he took off! He shook my hand at the finish with a smile and that was that. Quite cool though.

The race won by Matty Reed, a mere 2 secs in front of fellow American olympian Andy Potts, with Ironman bike ace Chris Lieto in 3rd. Results here.

fraser cartmell miami international triathlon 2008

I’m quite tired now as I write this, in the early evening. It’s been a long day – breakfast was at 4am, and I am sure there will be a whole host of aches and pains come the morning time, coupled with the blood blisters that running in brand new racing shoes ensure….. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

Next race is Oceanside Ironman 70.3 in California in 3 weeks time (, where I will get to race a lot of the same faces, but over a distance I am much more comfortable with. Onwards and upwards. It’s a long season ahead; patience is key.