Lunch with ‘The Ox’ (aka Nick)

October 20th, 2009 by

Nick Saunders has been in town a couple weeks … me just about one. He is staying down on the coast in Cardiff (slightly prettier than the Welsh version in my opinion) so we are a little too far apart to manage any coordinated training together. However, that didn’t stop us managing to sit down for some good ‘ol US grub; pancakes (me) and burger (him) this avo after I had been for a swim at the Masters session in Encinitas (that was the 2nd swim in 3 days where I had a Kona Champion swimming alongside …. it’s mad around here).

They call the pancake a ‘manhole cover’ (can’t think why?), and yes, I ate it all. Probably should swim another 5k now!

Nick is training for IM Florida in 3 weeks time, and we haven’t seen each other since we were both in Stellenbosch in the winter. Since then he has been in a car crash, a bike crash (where a broken collarbone ensued!) and become a married man. Needless to say there was plenty to talk about!