Kona Diary – Day 1

September 15th, 2010 by

Kona! The Big Island – I am HERE … it all seems a little strange and bizarre but finally (after another 6hr flight from California yesterday) I have arrived. I am here with Julie Dibens, as I have mentioned already. She and I have a cool ‘condo’ to live in, right on the edge of a golf course and not too far away from the run course on Ali’i Drive …. it’s all a little surreal if I am honest, but I am slowly wrapping my head around it.

me in front of the our appartment for the next month

Today I got through a good initiation to the heat and humidity (it was a hot 90F according to the car thermometer) – a 12k run this morning, a 65k ride out and back along the Queen K highway and a 5K swim in the Kona Aquatic Centre to cap it all off. If anything, it was during the swim that Julie and I felt the most thirsty!

It is good to be here and starting the process of simply ‘getting used’ to the island. I really believe that if I am going to race to my potential here on Ocotber 9th then I must get myself fully dialled in to the unique conditions over here.

Roll on Day 2 …. (i’ll be back with better pictures from tomorrow!)