It’s a deep burn

June 4th, 2009 by

Perhaps rather unimaginatively I have attempted to cobble together two seperate (and quite frankly unrelated) topics in order to avoid having a post title along the lines of ‘Photo’s for Norwell – Part II’….

I know, you're supposed to get wet in a wetsuit, I know

Anyway, the title has a meaning (or a story at least) – this morning we had a nasty surprise on pooldeck; VO2/anaerobic max sprints …. call it what you will, it’s another way of saying ‘pain’ regardless of the numerous methods of rebranding available. – And I would suggest it is something that triathletes like us tend to suck at. Well, I do anyway.

The goal

Race w/u and start simulation

The Set

Minimal w/u into  2 * (12.5m MAX on 3 mins, 50m MAX on 4 mins, 100m MAX on 8 mins!!)

The boys

Gavin ‘seriously-who does a 1000m w/u before a race? Who?’ Noble, David ‘Maccers’ McNamee, Mike ‘I’m in training for the Blenheim/Winsdor lead out double’ Adams, and myself – Fraser ‘clutching at straws’ Cartmell.

The gear

One very nice and perfectly normal race suit, as worn by Maccers, one all singing and dancing brand new TYR Sayonara swimskin (that’s me clutching at those straws for ANY available seconds) and two sets of back to basics old school budgie smugglers as fashioned by Noble and Adams.

The results

Serious amounts of lactate (it’s a deep burn as Gav pointed out), heavy breathing and less than spectacular times – with only Mike dipping under the minute on the ‘from a push 100s’.

The conclusions

We would probably have swum almost as fast on the 1.20 turnaround cycle, and budgie smugglers are still the way forward. – Oh, and it’s a deep burn.

I told you I was lashing two topics together....