It wouldn’t happen in Stirling.

February 4th, 2009 by

The last couple days have been a little different than usual for me. Yesterday Tim Don and I did some photos for the new triathlon magazine appearing in the UK soon, called Triathlete’s World. And today there is a huge fire buring across the hills behind Stellenbosch….. like I said – things that wouldn’t happen in Stirling (especially not in February).

The stylist took a LONG time for some reason.....

Other than striking – well trying to – poses atop the Franschhoek Pass (the 2nd Pass for those who remember my previous post about the ‘4-Passes’ ride?) whilst the nice lady with the camera (Melody) politely requests ‘again, please Fraser’, I have been, wait for it, it’s a real curve ball this one; uhu, that’s it, you guessed it: training. However I will admit that it has been of the land based variety, not because I am in any way unable to swim, just that I keep sleeping through my alarm! 5am is early, but I seemed to manage perfectly well during December and January…….

In other ‘wouldn’t happen in Stirling’ news – there has been a massive fire buring behind the University campus in town this afternoon and evening. The wind is strong and is obviously fuelling it. The pool (I did try to swim) had an awful lot of ash in it already. The sun was glowing more orange than yellow too. As I type now, the air has become very very thick with the ash and smoke, and the fire has certainly reached the outskirts of the town, rather than just the outlying hills. The town centre now resembles a ghost town, with all the cafes and restuarants tidying up their tables and chairs…… I hope there are enough fire services in the surrounding area to pull in and keep the fire under control. Fingers crossed.