Ironman Kona 2008 rundown

October 12th, 2008 by

This is going to be quick – I’ve got to get to bed for my flight to San Diego tomorrow morning . . . but

What about CHRISSIE Wellington?! Superb, although there was nothing unexpected about the domination she showed out there on the lava fields. Truly inspirational stuff I felt.

I was impressed with Craig Alexander too – I said before I thought he would push Macca further than last year; he couldn’t do that due to the mechanical of Chris McCormack, but you can only beat who is out there on the course. I thought he looked magic on the back half of the marathon whilst others faltered.

Really pleased to see Bella Comerford go inside the top 10 like she aimed for, Paul Amey didn’t quite have the fireworks I thought, but 17th is none too shabby, Steve Bayliss was 19th and unfortunately Scott Neyedli and Leanda Cave were other Brit Pro’s not to finish their race for some reason or another.

Also a big mention to Dejan Patrcevic who went 24th in his first visit to Kona – Dejan is another website athlete, like myself.

I’ll be in touch once I get settled over in California.

Laters, Frase