Ironman 70.3 Boulder 2011

August 9th, 2011 by

9th Place: Swim 24:00, Bike 2:03:48, Run 1:29:59 ….total 3:59:50 

Yesterday was the next installment in my ‘racing myself back to shape’ programme … let say I maybe underestimated the effects of racing at a mile high elevation after less than 3 weeks of acclimatisation, but lessons were learned and plenty positives taken. Onwards and upwards.

The big plus about racing at altitiude is that you get to go fast on the bike!  Higher air = thinner air, and thinner means less resistance which is good when you want to get from A to be B quicker than you might expect.

After an uncomfortable swim (wetsuits were legal despite the Boulder Resevoir remembling a warm bath) I got onto the bike and felt a lot better than 3 weeks prior at the Racine 70.3. Within 5 miles our group had reversed Andy Potts’ lead of 75secs which suggested we were toddling along rather well. By ten miles I found myself at the front and with a little gap on the rest of the guys; my Trek/K-Swiss team mate Joe Gambles pushed on too and before we knew it we were nearly a minute to the good… over 2 minutes by T2. – It felt good (but hard!) to be racing at the front of a race at this level again, and it bodes well for the next few weeks of training up here.

The run brought me back down to earth with a bump. I might as well have been running on the moon given how hard it felt to breathe; I just couldn’t pick the pace up past a jog for all but a mile or so of the 13… it was a really frustrating feeling but to be honest, given how much I have struggled with my run training since arriving in Boulder, it shouldnt have come as such a surprise.

As I said – onwards and upwards. Next weekend I will be racing at the Ironman 70.3 Steelhead in Michigan.

A big thankyou to Larry Rosa photography for all the images above.