Ironman 70.3 Austin 2011

October 30th, 2011 by

Careful, don’t you go falling off that chair now… I mean it! – It’s been a ‘lenghty while’ shall we say but I’m back on it and ready to give you some race reports. Promise, but I can’t promise anything regarding the quality control processes in place. I’ll try my best, as always 😉

Post race last Sunday here in Austin; with old Trek/K-Swiss team mate and race day winner ‘by a country mile’ Michi Raelert and good friend Richie Cunningham. I’m staying with Richie for the next month whilst getting ready for my Ironman.

I wouldn’t exactly recommend my preceeding 12 days before racing to anybody else as an ‘ideal’ race preparation period. In fact I would strongly suggest that they re think their schedule altogether! I probably should have, but hindsight is a wonderful tool and the past is done; it is what it is. I’ll do my best to move on and learn from the last month or so to ensure I hopefully don’t fall into a similar scenario again.

I don’t much like racing for the sake of ‘getting to the finish’ and I’m certainly not a fan of mediocrity with my racing. Unfortunately my 2011 season seems to have been all too familiar with that phrase and Austin was no exception to that rule.

A quick re-cap; I will blog a little more (tracking backwards obviously) about all that happened since Vegas World 70.3s through to Austin, but for now … I spent the two weeks after Vegas with Blair (for a few more days) and then Ali when she came out so we could have a wee holiday together. We were in California for 2 weeks which absolutely flew by – doing the Malibu and LA Triathlons along the way …which were both great fun events, before I then headed onwards to Kona (and Ali homewards) for a further two weeks up to the Ironman World Championships on Oct 8th. I helped out my buddy Joe Gambles with his last hard training block whilst also spending some time with my sponsors at the race expo during race week. It was a fantastic experience being able to watch the race, it really was, but it as also a tiring one!

I finally headed home to Stirling on the Monday night after watching the Ironman … but only for a short week. – I was going to train with Richie in Austin (where he lives) up until the Arizona Ironman, and so it made sense (so i thought back in early September) to get back to the US (and Austin) in time for the Austin 70.3 last weekend.

For those of you reading between the lines here … YES, I’m exhausted by the time I get to Austin on the Friday evening before the race, and the prospect of racing 70.3 miles as hard as I could seemed a rather horrible one.

But I do love to race, and it was shaping up to be a great race with Michael Raelert making his debut start since winning Clearwater in Nov 2010, as well as a host of other great athletes. – Indeed midway thro the run I realised that all but one of the 5 atheltes in front of me had been a World (or multiple world) Champion, and the other one had been a domestique for Marco Pantani in his prime. Just another regular 70.3 event I suppose….

Things went well untill about 50 miles of the ride, and I suppose at that point I learnt my lesson; don’t bite of more than you can chew. But racing in the US is always good fun; the events are so well organised, the crowds are incredibly enthusuastic – never short of a “gooood job” or to – and with over 2700 competitors, there was a real buzz about the event. And hey, it’s not every day you get to finish a race in a Rodeo Stadium is it?! 😉