Into Thin (Palomar) Air.

April 12th, 2009 by

4 hours 55 mins. 123.4Km. A ride to Palomar mountain (elevation 6140ft!!) and back. 18k climb, 1hour 6 mins ascent, side by side with Joe Gambles the whole way. Lesley Paterson wasn’t too far behind either!

Oh, and it had snowed up there!!

Lesley is from Stirling – she actually grew up there, and now she lives in San Diego and is training full bore for the Xterra season which is just around the corner. So she wanted to get a hard group ride done this weekend and asked me along. We left from Escondido, where I live here in California, not long after 7.30 this morning. The group included Lesley and one of her training buddies, myself, and other 70.3 athletes Kate Major, Joe Gambles and his girlfriend Mary. We had a support car carrying our spare warm clothes and food for when we finally arrived at the summit. We needed it, believe me, since it was cooooolllld.

Joe and I wondering where the sun went

Joe and I wondering where the sun went

I won’t lie. The ride up was fine, although ever increasingly misty. However the ride down was a whole different kettle of fish.

Being in Southern California I didn’t think to pack my warm hat and long fingered gloves (Joe mind you, did) and failed to add my toe warmers to my shoes this morning. Could’ve done with those. I think we stopped 3 times minimum going downhill to try and re-introduce bloodflow to our extremities, and eventually made it to the cafe at the bottom, where we realised we were no longer able to feel our legs since we hadn’t pedalled at all during the 25 minute descent.

2 large coffees, 1 seriously big burrito and about an hour later we were ready to head back. Cheers Lesley!