I’m struggling slightly….

May 26th, 2009 by

….to think of anything meaningful to blog about. However I will push on regardless and see where it goes.

we struggled a bit here too....

I would have talked a bit about everyone on our online team who raced over the weekend (Conrad, Dan, Will, Igor, Dejan, Aleksandar and even Nikola), but all I will do is re direct you over to Gavin here since he has captured it masterfully.

As only he can! (It is worth a read).

I’ve been pretty busy in Stirling, (as Gav might say) seeing many men about many differnet things (it seems) and yet here I am trying to remember where and when exactly!

I do know I have been out training regularly, what with the build up to Wimbleball, UK Ironman 70.3 ramping up daily. I’ll put together a wee post on the specifics of that race soon enough, as there will be plenty of folk heading down to the Exmoor moors in addition to myself I am sure.

So for now I’ll call it a day on this post, for it really didn’t go very far after all.

Alas, I tried!